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Empower Senior Living | Senior Daycare and Support Services

When caring for an elderly loved one, it’s normal to face a variety of problems and emotions. On the one hand, you’re probably overjoyed to be able to give back to someone who raised you and is devoted to assisting them in happily ageing in place. 

Nonetheless, caregiving can be challenging, and it is easy to become overwhelmed, especially if your loved one requires specialized care. Senior daycare can be an excellent resource for both carers and elders. Using these Senior Daycare and Support Services services helps elders thrive both physically and emotionally.

What Is Adult Day Care?

Adult daycare often refers to non-residential senior homes or community centers that care for the requirements of seniors. These centers accommodate the busy schedules of adult children who may be caring for an elderly loved one. Adult daycare relieves primary caregivers while ensuring that elderly loved ones continue to get appropriate attention and support in a welcoming, safe, and caring environment.

What Services Does Senior Day Care Provide?

Most Senior Daycare and Support Services provide the following services – 

  • Counselling
  • Exercise
  • Health screening
  • Medical care
  • Medication management
  • Physical therapy
  • Recreation
  • Supervision

Adult daycare is often booked in advance, as opposed to drop-in services, and the days are frequently unplanned. For example, your loved one may spend the morning engaging in cognitive stimulation activities like board games or jigsaw puzzles, then check in with a physician after lunch, and then play some memory retraining games before joining a group discussion of current events in the afternoon.

What Are The Benefits Of Adult Day Care?

Promotes Independence

Adult daycare can be a location where older folks can get out of the house and socialize with others their own age. Guests can exercise control over their schedules and activities, spend time away from their families, and spend the entire time in a secure and caring atmosphere.

Quality Care

Adult daycare is more than just “daycare.” Personal care and assistance, healthy and nutritious meals, medication delivery, participation in enjoyable activities, and much more are provided to your loved one, all while receiving the best possible treatment from trained personnel, nurses, and other licensed medical experts.


Senior Daycare and Support Services promotes socialization for your ageing senior, which is crucial. It enables children to join in group activities such as pool, jigsaw puzzles, and arts and crafts! These activities are an excellent way to keep children both mentally and physically engaged – and it’s much better than simply sitting at home.

Provides Respite To Adult Caregivers

Caregiving takes a significant amount of time and works to ensure that your loved one receives proper care. It is full-time work with a significant risk of burnout. Senior Daycare and Support Services allows you to focus on your health and reduce your stress levels while still providing great care for your ageing loved one.

Safety & Support

Adult daycare centers, open throughout the day, provide an atmosphere for older persons who require support with independent living while also providing critical mental and social stimulation through the center’s organised activities. At the same time, adult daycare centers provide family members with the peace of mind of knowing their loved one is in good hands while they are busy with work or other duties.

Delay Moving To Long Term Facility

Adult daycare centers’ ultimate purpose is to retain people at their current level for as long as possible. Ensuring your loved one’s social, physical, and mental needs are fulfilled might help keep them at home and delay their admission to a long-term care facility. There is also an economic advantage because adult daycare centers are a fraction of the cost of a long-term institution.

When Is The Right Time To Choose Adult Day Care?

Whether you are a caretaker approaching burnout or an ageing senior in need of getting out of the home, the best time to start looking for Senior Daycare and Support Services is before you need it. We understand that this isn’t always possible, so we’ve laid out a short list of signs to help you decide if an adult day program is best for you:

  • Loved one cannot be left alone at home
  • Feels Lonely
  • Looking for a companion/friend
  • Is incapable of organizing or structuring a daily goal

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