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Kriti Physiotherapy Center in Gurgaon

We are a Gurgaon, Haryana based out-patient physical therapy (Physiotherapy) clinic founded by Kriti Health Care in Gurgaon. Our comprehensive method of care combines orthopedic manual therapy with a holistic approach to achieve long-term wellness. With additional features in dance medicine and rehabilitation, our unique perspective is sought by a broad range of patients, including those recovering from acute injury, those managing chronic conditions, and those seeking improved physical performance. Our goal is to help each patient reach optimal health through personalized quality care. Physiotherapy Center in Gurgaon

Manual Therapy

These “Hands On” techniques are used to increase flexibility, enhance relaxation, and improve mobility of the tissues and structures of your body in order to bring it back to its normal, un-injured, pain-free state. A variety of soft tissue massages will be customized to address your specific needs.

Pain-Free Management

We use our expertly honed skills and an array of modalities to decrease any physical signs and symptoms you may have including mobilizations, ultrasound, myofascial release, sensory stimulation, warmth, cryotherapy, iontophoresis, etc.

Neuro-Muscular Reeducation

Re-training of the nervous system’s influence on the nuances of musculoskeletal rhythm during fluid movement of the body. Through creative movement exercise patterns, physical therapists will re-educate the body to perform at more efficient levels.

Therapeutic Exercise

A precise use of specific and original exercise techniques that promote muscular excitation resulting in the rapid recovery of injury. Aimed at the repair of soft tissues, growth of solid bone structures, and perfusion of the circulatory and metabolic systems through exercise with a plethora of tools and equipment that will alert the mind and spirit

Myofascial Release

Stretching of the complex matrix of fascial tissue that surrounds our internal body structures in order to enhance their fluid interaction. Revitalizes the body’s feeling of ease of movement and flexibility in order to maximize kinetic activities.

Agility Re-Activation

Rhythmic staccato movement variations to stimulate the neuro-muscular symbiotic tendencies of the musculoskeletal system. Unique choreographies of movement that will develop flexibility and grace.

Equilibrium Stimulation

An influence of the body’s balance mechanisms through distinct applications that result in a more comprehensive proprioceptive awareness. This addresses the motion characteristics the body needs to perform at its highest level.

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