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Respite Care Services in delhi
“Let us take care of your elder while you take some time out for your well being”

Taking care of the disables and aged people can be challenging especially for a person doing a fulltime job. However, even in the best circumstances, it becomes tough to offer the care that they need. This brings to the need for taking the Respite Care Service to help them acquire the best care from the skilled. Since most families lack time, we at Kriti Eldercare aim to offer the care facility that you are looking for.  We understand it can be hard and you might struggle in between and hence we are here to take your responsibility. 

At Kriti Eldercare, we believe that everyone needs to be treated with love and utmost care. Everyone must age and live with respect and dignity in a home where people are available to offer the care they need. We understand the challenge of taking care of the elders when you are busy with your work. Thankfully, our respite care programs can be customized as per your needs and requirements to make sure that you are acquiring the best.  

Whether it is about your job or running the household chores and errands we are here to offer you the freedom keeping in mind the needs that the elders deserve. You can stay assured that they are comfortable, sage and secured with us at our Respite Care center facilities. 

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is the terms given that offer services to the people who are looking for short-term caregivers. When you have someone at your home who is disabled or sick and you have a 24 hour job, you definitely need to take a break from everything. We understand it can be really hard to take care of everything single-handedly. Respite care can happen in

You can take long and short breaks as you need. It is up to you, if you wish to take the respite care for a few weeks, days or hours. We are the Respite Care Service in Delhi/Gurgaon who can customize as per your needs and requirements.

Who required Respite Care?

Someone who has been suffering from a disability or serious illness will always need someone to take care of them 24/7. If you are the one to offer complete care, you definitely need to take rest at times while you go for vacations or exercising or have appointments or work. In such cases, a respite care facility can be valuable. 

You will definitely need the respite care facility if you have someone suffering from any of the following condition like:

What is the importance of Respite Care?

No doubt that it is imperative to take proper care of the elders. It is a selfless thing to do but such action of generosity can result in a massive cost. It can be financially and emotionally draining as well. Over 60% of the family’s caregivers need to work on their working hours; therefore it can be a real hard thing. It has been seen that most of them have taken leaves, changed their career, and been late to work due to the caregiving responsibilities that they offer. 

 More than half of them would like to leave early and would be late to work due to the responsibility. 1 out of 5 caregivers have said that it has become a physical and financial strain. Most of the family caregivers suffer from anxiety and depression and have been suffering from bad health. 

Therefore in such a condition, nothing but taking the Respite Care Service can be a lot beneficial. With some of the most skilled and trained caregivers at our place we can make sure that while you do your job, we take care of the elders. 

Types of respite Care

Adult Day Care

This can be a good choice for the caregivers who need to be away from home for several hours. We have caregivers who can take care of your adults and make sure that they are in safe and specialized hands.

Residential Respite Care

These are the nursing care assisted faculties that offer you the facility to keep your adults in a safe residential care facility. We have the best rooms equipped with the top medical facilities to help you spend your vacation while we take care of your elders.

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Respite Program at KritiHealthCare in Gurgaon


Popular Question

This is probably one of the first concerns that you have in mind. This is purely justified as you cannot just take help from anyone. Thankfully and proudly a big yes. We being in the medical sectors offering Respite Care Service have the emergency facility. Equipped with the modern medical equipment and the specialized team onboard are always ready to offer the care they need.

We have been working in this industry as a care facility for a long time now. We have offered and served successfully to 500 customers and we are aiming to increase our facilities by improving our resources and rooms. We are the best Respite Care Service in Delhi/Gurgaon that you can find for your older adults. 

While you choose a package, we will mention everything that was decided in the conversation between us. We keep a written record of everything and will provide a copy to you as well to maintain the transparency. You can get the written documents of the facilities that will be provided to your elders and against the amount you are paying us for the service. 

We already have a great team and facility with some of the most advanced medical equipment. However, in certain situations if we find that our facility is unable to take the right action, we have the backup so that we leave no stones unturned to take complete care of our elders.

This is again one of the most frequently asked questions but it again varies from one another. Since different people have different needs, we customize the package as per the facilities that they require to maintain the health of the elders. However, our Respite Care center is the best and reasonable compared to several others available in the city. You can call us to know more.

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