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Senior's Day Care Center

The Best Senior's Day Care Center in Gurgaon Is ready To Take Care

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“Everyone needs care and relaxation for their mental wellbeing and we are here for your mental peace”

Senior Day Care is one of the best choices for the adults who are in search of a good social environment while offering vital breaks to the home caregivers. We clearly comprehend the challenges that you face every day with your professional and personal life. However dont worry anymore as we at Kriti Eldercare are here to offer the best Senior’s Day Care Center services. 

We understand that they are important and therefore we are here to offer the best medical care facilities along with a healthy environment to ensure a healthy living for them. Our Senior’s Day Care Center facilities are meant to ensure safety and health of the older adults. We pay respect and care that they deserve. Therefore, while you are away at work, you can stay relaxed so that your seniors are safe with us. 

What Is Senior's Day Care?

Senior day care is the program that is being planned by the professionals to take care of the adults who need supervision during the day time. Especially if you have to leave them lonely at home which can be extremely risky, only the Senior’s Day Care Center can be beneficial. These centers give seniors the chance to enjoy activities and socialize with groups while continuously being supervised by the caregivers. Similarly, this offer relaxation to the caregivers at home to enjoy their time while the seniors are in a safe place and great hands. 

The service will vary between the care your senior needs to maintain a healthy living. We are the kind of senior day care facility that pays attention to the recreational and social services along with offering personal and health associated along with also offering comprehensive medical services aklng with the therapeutic ones. This includes occupational, speech therapy, physical and much more. Besides, we also have specialized service for some health conditions disability or dementia. 

As the name goes, our senior day care facilities operate during the day time. We offer two different kinds of day care services to you. 

Whatever you need, our Senior’s Day Care Center in Delhi can become a great choice for you. We have everything covered that you might need. 

What Services Are Offered By Kriti Eldercare?

Being a reputed Senior’s Day Care Center in Gurgaon, we always strive to become your ultimate stop. We pay attention to enriching the lives of people by bringing back their strengths and skills. We include social interaction and ensure that your seniors are safe with us in our facilities.


We services entail offering seniors nutritious and sumptuous meals that will have special diets along with snacks. Every meal is thoroughly prepared by the dietician depending on their health condition.

Social activities

We have planned activities that can be tailored as per the needs of the patients. This will make sure that they are able to do everything that they like. If they are interested in musical entertainment or art and craft,. We have everything that can make sure of a healthy lifestyle and enjoy their living.

Personal care

We have caregivers who are absolutely dedicated to helping the seniors throughout. They make sure to help them in performing their daily personal care routine. We make sure that our Senior’s Day Care Center in Gurgaon can surpass your every need. They take care of everything from toilet to walking to feeding and maintaining hygiene.

Health Services

We make sure that while you leave your seniors with us, they are taken complete care and given utmost attention. We make sure to offer health services every day by checking their pressure, monitoring their heart rates, sugar level and everything that is needed by them.


Even if your senior needs to go out sometime, we are here for them. We clearly understand that they sometimes would love to spend time out watching other people outside the enclosed walls. Don’t worry as we are here for them as well.

Why Choose Our Senior's Day Care Center?

We at Kriti Eldercare believe in offering the best service through our caregivers. With us you can enjoy a plethora of benefits.
Therefore without any further ado, if you are in search for the best Senior’s Day Care Center in Gurgaon, you can choose us.

Call +91 8178 585 213 and speak to any of our office staff to learn more or schedule an appointment.


Senior's Day Care at KritiHealthCare in Gurgaon


Popular Question

We offer different activities as per the needs of the person. We believe that everyone has different interests and therefore we customize as power their interest. This enables them to grow both mentally and physically. 

We work from Monday to Sunday for you. We understand that it can be really tough for you to carry on daily activities with a senior at your house who is not in their best health. However, we are here to put an end to the plight of our Senior’s Day Care Center in Delhi. 

This is something that depends on your requirements. We can customize the cost of the service as per the needs of the patients. Therefore all you need is to check the services and make customization as per your needs. So call us now for further interaction.

Yes! The meals are included in the package. We aim to become a home more than just a professional Senior’s Day Care Center in gurgaon. Your choosing us will not make you feel regret.

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