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“We listen to your problems to offer treatment so that you can listen to your favorite music”

With growing age, we tend to lose our potential to hear. Hearing loss is one of the most common situations faced by humans. Since it is definitely not easy to leave them alone at home, there is a need for having someone to take care of them or treating the hearing loss. We at Kriti Eldercare understand your plight and we aim to become the best hearing care center in Delhi with our exceptional service. 

You must know that your loss of hearing can range from mild to profound and therefore understanding the prime reasons behind it is necessary. There can be endless reasons behind such a loss which brings the need for having the best hands. Remember, since it tends to affect people who are over 60 years old, the earlier you start treating, and the faster they recover.

What Is Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss can become a massive issue as this condition can be generally observed when one or more parts of the ear stops working properly the way it should. It has been surveyed that more than half of the people lose their hearing ability when they grow old. This can have a serious impact on relationships and lifestyle. Therefore taking proper treatment is a must. 

There are three different types of hearing loss that can be found in humans. Based on the damage that has been caused the loss can be: 

Some of the most common conditions like illness, genetics and age have a major role to play in hearing loss. In our modern lifestyle, there are perhaps hundreds of reasons that can facilitate ear damage. However there are medications and treatment as well that can help you to treat the hearing loss. 

Before it gets worse, it is time to check with the top Hearing Care Center and the doctors so that the elders can live a healthy and normal lifestyle. 

What are the major symptoms of hearing loss?

There are several cases where it has been witnessed that old people tend to lose their hearing ability gradually and which goes unnoticed. You might be observing that people are mumbling more, or you need to speak louder than usual. Till the time the sound is coming in the ear, it can be said that the loss is not major and it can be treated. 

Getting in touch with the best hearing care center in Gurgaon can be valuable. At Kriti Eldercare, we have some of the best doctors who can treat your hearing issues with the best aids. Before we talk about the degree of loss, we will have a look at some of the prime symptoms of it. 

Degree of Loss that Our Doctors measure

Mild loss of hearing

It is okay to start the one on one conversation however it become hard to catch when there is background noise

Moderate loss of hearing

You will more often ask your people in the surrounding to repeat what they are saying on phone or over conversation

Severe loss of hearing

It becomes impossible to listen to anything until you are wearing the hearing aid which makes it necessary to consult a doctor

Profound loss of hearing

The person is not able to hear anything until they are screaming or they have the hearing aid placed on their ears

How Do We Diagnose?

In order to understand that degree of loss that you are facing we at Kriti Eldercare have a thorough diagnosis. If you are in search of the best hearing care center near me, you can trust us. We make sure to offer the right treatment by taking the following tests.

Physical Exam

This is done to have a look at the ear to find out if there is any buildup of earwax or infection or if there is any structural problems

Screening Tests

This is another way to diagnose that includes covering one of your ears at a time and check if the other one is performing well at the different volumes.

Tuning Fork test

This test is done making use of the metal instruments which make some kind of sound when tapping on it. Upon hearing, your doctor will be able to tell how well your condition is. Besides, it also helps us to understand the point that is the cause of hearing loss.

Audiometer tests

This is the test which is performed by the audiologist which measures the sound that you are still able to hear compared to other screening tests.

We aim to become the best hearing care center in Gurgaon with our diagnosis and treatment.

How Do We Treat?

We have different treatment approaches that we take according to the patient’s condition. Here are some of them:
Therefore, if you think that your seniors or any one is facing hearing loss issues, you can simply call us.

Call +91 8178 585 213 and speak to any of our office staff to learn more or schedule an appointment.


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Popular Question

This depends on your condition. However, most of the time, it is no. Your natural hearing ability might not recover but you can have hearing aids and other technologies implanted that can help you to lead a very normal lifestyle.

Firstly you will need to find out if the hearing loss is affecting the lifestyle. Ask your family if they have noticed some changes in you or not. If you are having trouble conversing or if you tend to ask to repeat the conversation over and over again, you must consult the doctor first. The diagnosis will result in understanding what type of treatment will be valuable for your condition.
Get in touch with us as we have the best technologies that make us one of the top hearing care center in Gurgaon.

We at Kriti Eldercare strive to offer the best hearing care treatments to our people. We make sure that our invoice is not overburdening you. However, the cost depends on the diagnosis and the kind of treatment you require. To know more you can directly call us.

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