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welcome to Kriti Elder Care

A Well Known Elder Care Center In Gurgaon

Kriti Elder Care aims to become the home of the elders who are in constant need for love, care and support. Since the time we started in 2016, we have always believed in offering top-notch nursing care to the seniors. Fortunately, with the help of the quality team members who are equally interested in taking care of the elders have helped us to thrive and offer better care to the elders. We believe that everything can be achieved with love and thus, Kriti Elder Care can be your last name for the seniors.
We Offer

Care and Love To Elders

Since commencement our prime goal is to serve the elder and offer unmatched care that they crave for. We comprehend that some situation might have triggered the need for nursing care and we ensure that your senior will feel like home.

“ If You are in Trouble Need our Help, Contact Us Immediately, We are Support 24/7 ”

What Makes Kriti Elder Care Unique?

We are always ready for every
challenge. Please trust us

At Kriti Elder Care, we believe to grow bigger and better to the elders. We want to offer a homely environment to our beloved seniors and thus we don’t underestimate any part of it. Working tirelessly to ensure your beloved are in a safe environment, we have been able to expand our services.

Client-Centric Approach

Our care services are personalized as per the clients needs to ensure they receive the best facilities and attention that they yearn for.

Homely Atmosphere

We understand it can be hard for elders to stay away from their families, but not with us. We offer a homely atmosphere to help the elders enjoy their time with us.

Passionate Team of Specialized Caregivers

Our team members specialized in their respective genres and services are the reason we could thrive. They make sure to pay detailed attention to everyone joining our home.

Personal Room Facility

We have successfully offered elderly services to more than 500 people. Our offering a great room with individual facilities has been one of the prime reasons.



our prices

Package Prices

We have a reasonable charges to assure you, we work according to the principle that the
clients is the first, not the money

Self care/ Co-living

per month
  • AC Room
  • Room Charge
  • Nursing care/ No Attendants
  • Food
  • Physiotherapist Weekly GP Doctor’s Visit
  • Laundry Care

Low Care

per month
  • AC Room
  • Room Charge
  • Nursing care/ shared Attendants
  • Food
  • Physiotherapist Weekly GP Doctor’s Visit
  • Laundry Care

Medium Care

per month
  • AC Room
  • Room Charge
  • Nursing care/ 12 hours dedicated attendant
  • Food
  • Physiotherapist Weekly GP Doctor’s Visit
  • Laundry Care

High Care

per month
  • AC Room
  • Room Charge
  • Nursing care/ 24 hour dedicated attendant to one person only
  • Food
  • Physiotherapist Weekly GP Doctor’s Visit
  • Laundry Care

Note if the case is particularly serious we will have a different price.

Taking Utmost Safety Protocols During Covid

We understand your plight and concern towards your elders. However, being in the medical sector, we can ensure that your seniors will be safe with us. We understand that elderly care cannot be offered online and hence our team is adhering to the strict safety protocols. Since elders are at higher risk, we assure you that Kriti Elder Care has maintained the top-notch protocols during and after the pandemic. You can directly contact us now to get the details.
The Heart of Kriti Elder Care

Meet The Team

We have always believed that professionals are the heart of any facility. Hence, here with us we have a team of professionals specialized in different health sectors to become a family and take complete care at one place.





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