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Low Vision Services

Get the best Low Vision services at Kriti Eldercare

Low-Vision Services for Elders in Gurgaon
“We Help You To See The World – Clear & Colorful”

Your vision is everything, once it’s gone, the entire world becomes dark. Besides, we tend to lose vision after a certain age and therefore taking the right treatment can be the correct measures are a must. We at Kriti Eldercare totally comprehend your concern for your respected elders and therefore we are here to offer the low vision services with the help of our team and equipment to offer the corrective solution. 

We believe that everyone needs care especially when they are old and here we are to offer the best services to you. With the top experts in our team and their constant dedication to our people. We make sure that they can acquire the top low vision services. So all you need is to give us a call and we are here to cater to your variable needs and requirements. 

What do you mean by Low vision?

Low vision is often observed in people who are mostly in their old age. However, this is common in people of all ages these days. This is the loss of sight which will not be corrected using contact lenses, eyeglasses or any surgery. It cannot be defined as complete blindness as the person will still have some sight that they will be able to see. 

It can only be treated with proper diagnosis and if required, magnifying glasses can be beneficial. This condition includes a range of degrees of loss of sight. There are chances that the person has a blind spot or might completely lose their eyesight.

What are the different stages of vision loss?

Most commonly this is differentiated into two major categories.

Partially sighted

This is the condition when the vision remains between 20/200 and 20/40 with the traditional prescription lenses.

Legally blind

This is the condition where the person’s vision is no way better than 20/200 or they have the restricted vision lower than 20 degrees wide.

What are the different types of low vision?

There are different types of low vision. Some of the most common one comprise.

Loss of the peripheral vision

This is the condition where the person will not be able to see anything from either side or below or above their level. However, the central vision of the person remains constant.

Loss of central vision

This is the condition where you will find the blind spot towards the center of the person’s eye.

Blurred Vision

This is the condition where the person will not be able to focus both the far and near objects.

Night blindness

This is the condition when the person does not have to check the things in poorly lit areas or at night.

Hazy Vision

This is the condition when the overall vision field seems like it has been covered with some flame or glare.

What are the major causes of low vision?

This is generally the reason for different types of injuries and conditions. Besides, age can be a major factor that can result in eye problems. Most of the time, this can be commonly observed among people who have crossed 45 years of their age and even more in 65 years and above. Some of the most common eye problems are macular degeneration, optic neuropathy, and cataracts. 

Apart from the age factor, there are other reasons that can result in eye problems which include:

How do we diagnose Low Vision?

Well, this depends on the person’s condition. Depending on the problems they are facing, we take an eye exam. You can call us to take an appointment with the doctor when they find that their vision is becoming tough and restricting from their daily activities like watching television, traveling, cooking, reading, or moving out. 

We make sure to use the magnifiers, lightning, and other special equipment that will help the doctors to understand the conditions and take proper actions accordingly.

We Are the Top low vision center

Low vision becomes a serious problem for people and therefore it requires proper treatment. If you find that your seniors or anyone is facing issues with their vision or unable to do their daily activities, you can immediately call us. 

Equipped with the advanced machines used for thorough diagnosis, we can make sure that you will acquire the best low vision services from Kriti Eldercare. We, being in the field for more than years can make sure that you are making the best choice. 

Call +91 8178 585 213 and speak to any of our office staff to learn more or schedule an appointment.


Low Vision Services at Kriti Elder Care in Gurgaon


Popular Question

Low vision doctors are generally a lot different from other general eye doctors as they are the trained physicians in optics, physics and lens systems. They have a great knowledge of the depth, focus and magnification and therefore they can become a lot helpful for person’s to understand their conditions.

At Kriti Eldercare, we completely believe your condition and the plight and therefore we are here to offer the best services. Even when the cost depends a lot on the services that the person needs, you can stay assured that it is reasonable and will not make a dent on your pocket. 

Kriti Eldercare is the low vision center which is also known as the vision rehabilitation us the kind of service that is offered by the professionals of vision rehabilitation or eye care. This becomes helpful for the person to maximize the use of the remaining vision who has the impairment. 

Low vision is the condition that includes professional evaluation and use of the devices, training along with other important techniques. Your coming to us can be the best decision that you can take for the visually impaired person. 

Yes we do! We offer complete care service even after the surgery or the treatment. We believe in offering a complete service and therefore when you leave, you leave with a happy smile. 

Most of the time, yes! But it depends on the person’s present condition. Our doctors try everything they can to make sure that the person is able to do their normal activities however, if the condition is adverse, we will try our best we can. 

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