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Kriti Eldercare is Assisted Living Homes which aims to be a lot different from the other old age homes. We are here to welcome everyone who requires assistance for their daily activities. We have nursing care for the people who need it and since we know that most elders face such conditions, we make sure to offer the best attention and care facilities to people.
We want to become the name for everyone. Thus, if you have your elders with us, you can visit at any point of time. However, it is always a request to the family members to observe what they are doing. Besides, if you make prior scheduling it can be great to maintain the healthy everyday routine of the elders.
Even when you have the facility to visit anytime, it is requested not to ask for a stay as we don’t encourage it. Since there are different types of elders who are suffering from different mental disabilities like dementia, it can become harsh on them. Besides, it can also be hard for your closed one as it disturbs the entire routine of the loved ones.
We understand that your beloved ones require to feel the same like they were in their homes and therefore we have made the rooms accordingly. Every room available in our facility has been included with a bathroom and balcony so that they have fresh air. Besides, we have table and armchair facilities for the required. Moreover the availability of a yoga section, huge lawn for walking, religious section and art facilities makes us offer everything that they need.
Yes! When they initially come here as an independent living facility which does not include much nursing or medical care, but as they grow older and they tend to get some problems, it might result in changing the plans. This will depend on the facilities that we have to offer to ensure a healthy and happy living for your elders. However, you can stay assured that we will discuss before we start applying just to keep you informed.
Daycare facility is the facility where the caregivers will be available to take care of the elders during the day time. This means the primary caregivers at home can do their work while the caregivers bring them to the facilities and help take part in the different activities. On the other hand, the care at facilities is offered to the elders by staying at the facility. Here the elders get more hours, more attention while the families can stay relaxed and ensure that their elders are happy. You can choose as per the needs and requirements. However, we generally recommend choosing care at facilities for the bedridden seniors as we can offer the best services staying here with us amidst the specialized caregivers.
Yes! Everyone in our facilities who are categorized under caregivers are certified and trained. Since we have people coming from different walks of life, we aim to stay prepared to have the facilities that can take care of everyone and anyone. Pour caregivers are available to offer round the clock care to the people by addressing the need for an emergency medical team.

We believe that elders need complete attention and care and therefore we have a facility that includes different care options. Some of them are: 

  • Health care: We have the best medical team to take round the clock care for you. We have emergency care facilities as well for the people who need it. Besides, we make sure to check their daily health and help them in carrying out their daily lifestyle with ease.
  • Food: We have the nutritionist and dietician who check the health report individually before giving them food. Not only do we aim to maintain their health with proper medical care but we want you to eat the right food to grow both mentally and physically. We offer home cooked foods for the best of health.
  • Entertainment: We understand the need for entertainment and therefore we offer music, arts, and religious times for them. We also have outdoor sessions where we take them to temple and nearby places once a week to help them stay happy within the facility.
  • Housekeeping: We have the best team in our facilities. We offer complete laundry and cleaning services to make sure that your seniors are safe and happy with us. Our house care includes the laundry and cleaning every single day.

Well, there is no definite number of pricing as it depends on the needs of the person. We customize our package as per the needs and requirements of your elders. We want them to get the best health care facilities and therefore we can only say the pricing in detail when you call us and talk in detail about the needs. 

We are always available for you. We at Kriti Eldercare clearly comprehend the needs of the elders and therefore we make sure that your elders are getting the best of everything. We design the routine accordingly to help them eat, sleep and socialize properly without feeling any kind of discomfort.

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