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Hospice and Palliative Care Facility at home in Gurgaon
“Let us live like there is no tomorrow with our closed ones”

If you can find that your closed one is suffering from a serious illness, you definitely have heard about the way to treat pain. Therefore, you must have also heard about hospice or palliative care. Well, these are the most common terms that are used by the care centers. The only agenda of such centers is to offer relief to the people and comfort in variable ways. 

At Kriti Eldercare, we have always wanted to bring the best to you with our range of services and caregivers. We are the Hospice Palliative Care center in Delhi that have been sound for quite a while now and make sure that you are in safe hands. We have indulged into this genre with the only agenda to offer quality life to everyone coming to us. 

We know that with age our elders tend to fall sick or a victim of many health issues. It is not their fault but yet then old age sometimes comes with such effects. However, we are here to offer the comfort and treatment that they need while you can lead your life without taking stress about them. We aim to bring comfort through expertise.

What Do You Mean By Palliative Care?

The prime agenda of this program is to ease the pain along with helping them to treat the problems. In case they have some serious illness which is no more life threatening, this can be a great choice to seek help from the palliative care centers.  This becomes helpful for people who are living with some of the prime symptoms like kidney disease, AIDS or cancer or have the side effects of the long running treatments. 

The palliative care centre is the one to offer medicine which will not replace the ongoing medicines for the treatment. These are the medicines that are strongly recommended after thorough diagnoses to help the senior deal with some of the most common problems like breathing shortness, nerve pain or nausea. 

In case the illness becomes a struggle for the person to play, work, get around people or cause depression, nothing but the best palliative care can be valuable in addressing that. This will help them to get control of their loves. Even if there are scenarios where illness might be expected to become fatal, this can be a great choice to ensure an active lifestyle. 

What Do You Mean By Hospice Care?

This is especially the right choice for the people who have already consulted with the doctor and they have mentioned that there is less chances of recovering from the current condition. This is all about reducing pain and helping such families prepare for the worst. Even when palliative care is a part of it, it is completely not it. 

People who look for hospice care are most commonly expected to live for 6 months or less. They are mostly kept at home with their family members where the professional caregivers will be available to look after them. However, there are also the care centers for hospice care who wish to keep them at a care center with proper medical facilities. 

We are one of those types of care centers which have nurses and doctors also with family members who can be with the person who is at their last stage. We at Kriti Eldercare aim to become the best hospice care near me. We understand the grief of losing someone and watching them coming closer to death every day. We never would want anyone to have to face such a situation.

We Strive To Ease Your Pain

Both the hospice and palliative care offer the best medicines upon consulting with the doctors to ease the pain that the person is undergoing. These can range from being string medication to less depending on the pain that the person is experiencing. 

Being the best palliative care nursing in Delhi, we make sure that you are choosing the best hands. As you start working with us, you will get to know that we can be the only best and reliable option for you. Our services are created to make sure that your closed person is safe and is getting the best of care and nursing facilities from us. 

Benefits of Choosing Hospice and Palliative Care: 

The Physicians

We have physicians who are constantly available for the people to enjoy the best. Even when it is their last few days, we never leave a stone unturned to try our best to hold the soul in their bodies. Our passionate and dedicated physicians believe in retaining life through every possible means they possibly can.

Pain management

We make sure that the patients receive the best medication which is required for relief and also prevent suffering. We don’t want them to feel the pain in the remaining days of their life. We offer the best medication.

Respiratory Therapy

The compassionate members offering end of life care have the license in offering the best respiratory therapy. This is to make sure that the person feels comfortable and does not feel the worst in their living days.

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Hospice & Palliative Care at KritiHealthCare in Gurgaon


Popular Question

We have always wanted to become the top hospital and palliative care nursing in Delhi. Therefore we make sure that the charges would not hurt your pocket while offering the best treatment to the much deserving person. We know how hard the time is for you and we totally comprehend the grief. However, we assure you that it won’t make a dent in your pocket. You can call us today.

Even when they are in some serious condition, we clearly know that you want to stay with them in their last few days. We can give options for family members to stay but it is recommended not to make the place overcrowded. We have doctors and nurses to take complete care of them and around 2 – 3 members are allowed at a time.

Yes, the doctors and nurses are constantly available. They make sure that the person is able to enjoy the best of their lives in their last few days.

Yes, we offer pain management treatment so that your closed one would not feel the pain during these days. You can stay assured that our doctors are aware and offering the best medication to them.

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