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Neuro Rehabilitation Center

Kriti Eldercare Is The leading Neuro Rehabilitation Center in Delhi

Neuro-Rehabilitation Center in Gurgaon
“We re-enable proper brain functioning to offer a normal 7 healthy lifestyle”

When we grow old, we tend to face many neurological disorders. This is the reason why there is always a need for taking care of the elders who are going through the same phase in their lives. At Neuro Rehabilitation Center in Delhi, we aim to help the patients to live a normal life while having caregivers always by their side to ensure that they are safe.

We comprehend that it is not possible for you to take care of your elder while performing your professional responsibilities. This can be a serious tough situation and therefore nothing but the best neuro rehabilitation can be a great choice.

Everything You Need To Know About Neuro Rehabilitation

Some of the most common progressive neurological diseases, namely dementia, Parkinson’s, tumors and other conditions of neurological events like traumatic brain injuries and strokes which can be treated with the help of specialized groups of caregivers and neurorehabilitation. When a patient completes the brain injury treatment, neuro rehabilitation center in Gurgaon is the next requirement to help patients recover from the traumatic experience. 

Neuro Rehabilitation enables the patients to recover pretty much quickly which can help in maximizing the functional and cognitive abilities. This can eventually become helpful for the patients to achieve their personal goals within a very short period of time. We are the Neuro Rehabilitation Center in Gurgaon with some of the best inhouse physicians that can help you to acquire the best results. With us, you can stay assured that you will find positive changes in the least time.

How does Neuro Rehabilitation work?

Being house to some of the known neuropsychologists who have the experience in understanding the brain effects and the way it is determining the behavior in patients, we are able to take the right step. 

The initial step in neurorehabilitation procedure is we make a complete check of the patients which involve taking some tests. Some of the assessments that we make check the complete functioning of their brains and some are engineered to determine particular functioning of their brains. If you are in search of the best Neuro Rehabilitation Center near me, we are your ultimate choice as we have the equipment that becomes valuable in the treatment.

Why Is Neuro Rehabilitation Important?

Neurorehabilitation is critical because it focuses on the recovery and improvement of people suffering from neurological diseases including stroke, traumatic brain injury, or spinal cord damage. The brain and nervous system are essential to our everyday functioning, and when these systems are damaged or diseased, it may have a substantial influence on a person’s movement, cognition, communication, and overall quality of life. Neurorehabilitation seeks to improve the healing process by delivering tailored treatments, exercises, and interventions that encourage brain plasticity, restore lost capabilities, and maximise independence.

Neurorehabilitation, a multidisciplinary approach comprising physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and other specialised therapies, assists persons in regaining and rebuilding skills, improving functional capacities, and adapting to new ways of life.

Neurorehabilitation Center in Delhi plays an important role in repairing and enhancing the lives of people with neurological conditions, as well as boosting their general well-being and easing their reintegration into society.

Our Treatment

We strive to become your last choice for the best Neuro Rehabilitation Center. Thereforefore, we have a range of options in our facility that can offer significant advantages to the patients. Some of the most common treatment options adopted by us include:

Remediation Treatment

This can become very helpful in patients who have lost their skills as here we focus on bringing them back with some special repetitive exercises.

Psycho Education

This can be a valuable choice and make sure that the family of the patient comprehends the condition. This also shows the treatment that you need.

Compensatory treatments

This facilitates making use of the intact skills to fill up for the deficiencies that are happening in the other areas.

Cognitive Treatments

Our brain has this amazing ability to adopt and then start recovering from the injury. Some of the portions present in our brain have the ability to repurpose themselves to take over the functioning of affected areas. This can be effective after you have met with an injury. Our brain has some hormones that can aid and quicken the process of recovery.

Therapeutic treatments

This can be effective in dealing with the trauma that the patient has undergone which resulted in the injury along with making other adjustments.

We have Specialization in Neurorehabilitation

We have always wanted to offer the right treatment in the right approach, Therefore we have a team of specialized members taking good care of the patients.


We have a team of specialized physiotherapists who can offer significant help to the patients in dealding the physical difficulties or the disabilities and enable them to get up and start working on their hobbies.

Occupational therapy

The occupational therapists that we have in our team of caregivers become helpful in teaching patients a corrective strategy and improve the abilities that enable patients to lead a normal lifestyle every day.

Speech and language therapy

The therapists specialized in speech and language available in our team facilitates work on language disabilities. Neuro Rehabilitation Center Near Me is helpful for the patients to overcome the issues that the patients face with swallowing and eating in case they have any weakness in their throat.

Vocational therapy

The vocational workers available in the team can facilitate the patients to start being a part of the local community. The only purpose is to ensure a normal life of the patients.

Diet Guide

We have the best dieticians that are professionally trained to help our patients customize their diet as per their health condition. We help them to come back to a normal lifestyle with our team.

So your search for the best Neuro Rehabilitation Center in Delhi ends with us.

Call +91 8178 585 213 and speak to any of our office staff to learn more or schedule an appointment.


Neuro Rehabilitation at KritiHealthCare in Gurgaon


Popular Question

We keep the process very simple without taking much of your time. You can simply call us and tell us your requirements, based on that, we will offer you the packages. You can choose as per their needs. However, you need to mention the condition of the person for whom you are taking an appointment. Your search for a Neuro Rehabilitation Center near me ends with us.

The stay depends on the person’s condition. It is generally between 3 to 4 weeks. However, if the patient is not in a proper condition, we might need to extend his stay in our center.

We try to become the one stop choice for everyone who is looking for a Neuro Rehabilitation Center in Gurgaon. Therefore we try to keep the cost reasonable. Besides, we can customize as per your needs.

There are some symptoms that you can find in patients. This means that they are in need of the best Neuro Rehabilitation Center. 

  • Abnormal muscle tone and weakness in muscles
  • Difficulties in swallowing, speaking and walking
  • Unable to dress, bathe, talk and eat prosperity
  • Unable to think properly
  • Problem in coordination with hand and eyes

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