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How To Care For Someone with Dementia? A Patient’s Guide

dementia care services

Giving dementia care to a loved one may be difficult and stressful. But it can be gratifying and rewarding with the correct assistance. Caregiving for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s requires flexibility and patience. Dementia care services are important and it takes proper knowledge to give. 

Taking Care Of Someone With Dementia

A dementia patient will gradually become increasingly dependent. Stay adaptable and modify your routine and expectations as necessary to minimize frustration for yourself. Here are some of the ways through which you can take care of someone suffering from dementia –

  • Schedule Wisely – It is important to have a daily schedule when caring for someone with dementia. Few things such as taking a shower or going to a doctor’s visit, are simpler when they are properly rested and awake. It is important to have some space for unplanned events or particularly trying days.
  • Work To Involve the Person – Give the dementia patient basic help so that they can work on their own. It’s important to involve the person in activities.
  • Take Your Time – Plan additional time for tasks and be prepared for them to take longer than usual. Allow time between jobs for breaks. It’s important to be patient with someone who is suffering from dementia.
  • Make Use of Locks – When you have someone suffering from dementia, it is important to have locks on things around them. Put locks on any cabinets that have poisonous or hazardous items including medicines, alcohol, firearms, poisonous cleaning products, and potentially hazardous utensils and equipment
  • Fire Precautions – Keep things such as lighters and matches out of their reach. If dementia patient likes to smoke, always watch out for them. A working fire extinguisher should always be kept near, and smoke and carbon monoxide alarms should have functioning batteries.
  • Prevent Them from Falling – Prevent falls by avoiding scatter rugs, extension cables, and any other debris. Install grab bars or railings in important areas of the place where they are living.

Every individual’s experiences Alzheimer’s disease will have a unique experience with the illness’s symptoms and development. Although caring for someone with dementia might be difficult, there are ways to lessen your frustration and help your loved ones. At KritiHealthCare, we provide quality services to take care of your loved ones who are suffering from dementia.

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